The project was done for the Renault Easy City competition. The theme was a design of an interchange place and the issue of supplementing public transport with a on demand system based on robotized vehicles Renault EZ-GO. Presented solution, EZ-PULS is a systemic approach based on 3 modules that cover different levels - from city transport structure to user interaction.


Wiktor Szulfer, Julia Kazimierska, Olek Kępiński

2nd Prize - Renault Easy City - Design the Future

EZ-PULS is a complex infrastructure solution for robotized public transport in progressive cities. It includes three modules
EZ-PULS STATION together with an infrastructure to organize pedestrian and car traffic. Stations are located in interchange places where the traffic is the most intensive and where many means of transport intersects.

EZ-PULS EVERYWHERE is a virtual interchange place. It is based on user’s geo localization which allows to use public transport from any point of the city.

EZ-PULS BAY extends the access to the system for people excluded from social and city life, including old people, physically weak or disabled. Interchange places of this type force positive change of a way of how street work. Thanks to transport automation, road capacity increases and road surface decreases. As the transport is based on giving users a lift, number of parking places is reduced. Reclaimed city space is an opportunity to make the society more active by building new places of physical activity and greenery.

EZ-GO underground buffer stores

By the EZ-GO Stations, there are EZ-GO underground buffer stores placed. They work as high bay wearhouses, where EZ-GOs are packed and delivered to the ground by system of gantries. AI helps to optimize the charging time. Buffer store, together with vehicles, works as a dispersed battery that provides stability for energetic system in a country scale.

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